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Simple dashboard

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Simple website monitoring

Monitor your website every 30 seconds. Get notified instantly when your website is down.

Status page

Monitor your websites every 30 seconds

Your website will be checked every 30 seconds. Know within seconds when there's a problem, so you can take immediate action.

Email notifications

When your website is down, we will send email notifications with quick action links, so you can keep your visitor updated.

Public status page

Show off your visitor your uptime status, downtime, and response time history.

Fully customize your HTTP request

You can monitor your public homepage, protected dashboard, or API functions.

Full HTTP settings

Basic authentication

Add username and password to monitor your password-protected websites.

Custom HTTP method

You can send JSON body to your API endpoints, or POST data to submit any form, it's all supported out of the box.

Custom HTTP headers

Fully customize your HTTP headers, add API token, cookie or change user agent.

Start with free, upgrade easily

Free monitoring service for 5 websites. Premium service starts at $5 / month.



  • 5 websites
  • 1 user
  • Email notifications
  • Public status page
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  • websites
  • users
  • Email notifications
  • Public & private status page
  • Customize HTTP requests
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